by Mitch Jayne

"I've written several books, but this is the first one I've written for the fun of it. I just have all this Ozark funny stuff in my head, circling like the buzzard that just ate 'wino' Fred and can't fly straight..."

Mitch Jayne has gone and done it this time! He's written a book that will have you laughing, crying, muttering to yourself, and running down the street to share stories with your best friend. And, wait 'til you see the beautiful illustrations by his wife and partner Diana Jayne!

Home Grown Stories & Home Fried Lies is the official title, and Mitch even had to give it a subtitle (because he loves words so much and just can't seem to staunch the flow): "Words With The Bark On Them & Other Ozark Oddments."

Home Grown Stories & Home Fried Lies is a delightful look at Mitch's colorful life, and his time spent in - and out - of the Ozarks: From teaching in one-room schools to the Hollywood big time with The Dillards; from small-town radio DJ to TV star on The Andy Griffith Show; from hound man and hunter to lecturer and author,Home Grown Stories & Home Fried Liescontains all the stories and the quirky characters that helped to shape the life of one of America's best storytellers.

"See, fun is pretty much what I had in mind when I wrote all this down. I've lived 70 years on this planet, looking for excuses to laugh: and, by the time you're halfway through this, you'll know more about what made me laugh than anybody from someplace besides Missouri would need to!"

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