Wildstone Media is pleased to announce the release of the debut CD of guitarist/composer Fred Baue.

Too Deep For Words is an elegant mix of compositions performed on nylon and steel string guitars.

Some pieces, like “The Old Guitar Bum” and “Requiem for John Fahey”, are in the folk style and are played on a Martin D35-S steel-string. Others, such as the title cut, “Too Deep For Words” and “A Song in the Night” are classical in conception and are performed on a Kasha-model handmade by Richard Schneider.

“St. Louis” and “There Goes My Love” are in the jazz style. Many of Fred's pieces retain the atmosphere of the place where they were written, and five of these, such as “Tucson Farewell” and “Northern Lights”, are included in the “Traveler's Suite”.

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